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Map Hopper

Tailored Trip Planning from Experienced Travelers

  • Want to travel the world but don't know where to start?


  • Looking to be a traveler, not a tourist?


  • Worried you can't afford to travel or don't have time?


  • Want the peace of mind of a tour group but the flexibility to go off the beaten path?


  • Have a million other things to plan and manage in your life?

What is Map Hopper?

Map Hopper is a travel planning service created by young professionals and students to create a custom made travel itinerary designed around your preferences, travel style, and budget.


We understand the struggle of trying to balance the desire to see the world with maintaining a budget, finding the time, and the stress of going somewhere new and not knowing where to start.


Let Map Hopper do the heavy lifting.

How It Works:

Book a Free Travel Consultation

Meet Trip Planner & Choose to Purchase Service

We plan your trip & Send you the Plan


your trip!

Then Refer a friend or travel again

Why Use Our Travel Planning?

Save Money

We're used to traveling on a college student budget, so we'll hunt for the cheapest airfare, transportation, and accommodations to fit your budget. We will work to keep your trip within your budget, including our cost of $20/day of travel.

Peace of Mind

We've all left for a trip just to arrive and have a wrench thrown in our plans. We want to make sure that you know what to expect before your trip begins. With tips from other travelers and locals, you'll be armed with the information you need to focus on having a great time.

Save Time

Planning an awesome trip takes time! When we plan a trip for ourselves, we spend hours checking travel sites, reading reviews, and comparing prices. We put that same effort into planning your trip, because we want to share our love for travel.

Custom Itinerary

It's your adventure, nobody else's. Your itinerary only focuses on things you actually want to see and do, at your pace. You won't have to dig through pages of reviews of attractions you're not interested in seeing on travel sites.

Resources & Reminders

You don't want to fly to another country with an awesome travel plan only to then find out you can't leave the airport because you don't have an entry visa. We'll make sure you'll know which documents you'll need ahead of time and even send you deadline reminders.

Info from Locals & Travelers

If one of our travel planners hasn't personally visited the area you're planning to visit, we will use information collected from locals and other travelers specifically for Map Hopper's travel planning. We'll plan your trip as if it was our own.

Countries We've Visited:


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