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Lindsay Farrell

Travel Planner & Blogger, Co-founder

I'm studying mechanical engineering at Clemson University and interning at the NASA Johnson Space Center, but my first passion is traveling, which I've been doing since a family trip to Turkey when I was 12. I grew up experiencing different cultures and seeing that the world is a much bigger and more complicated place than the small town in South Carolina where we grew up. Every year, we took a trip outside of the United States or to a western state until I joined the Army in 2008. Since that first trip, I have been to nearly 40 countries, including solo backpacking trips. I am very lucky that I not only got to have these experiences but also learned how to travel and plan trips.

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Angel Ramirez

Travel Planer & Blogger, Co-founder

I currently work for NASA Johnson Space Center as an Electrical Engineer and as a tech company consultant. Besides my tech oriented goals, I have a passion for education. I want people to see out of their box and look at the big picture. That is were traveling comes in. I come from Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean. As a "boricua", you grow up proud of your culture and your country, but because we share no border with other countries, there was a cultural knowledge gap needed to fill in. I started traveling to the US and Mexico, were I met people from all over the world, expanding my global view and learning the difference between being a tourist and a true explorer. I have planned big road trips in the US and many road trips in Puerto Rico. 

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Rosa León

Travel Planer & Blogger

I am a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D in neuroscience  at the University of Pennsylvania. I have always loved science, but  traveling is a close second passion of mine. I'm originally from Peru and lived there for eight years before moving to the US. Growing up I moved around a lot, attending ten different schools before starting college, which gave me the opportunity to experience different people, cultures, and ways of life at a very early age. I have always been fascinated by the world around me, and science and traveling have both been my outlets and my way of exploring and learning about the world. My travels up until college had mostly been between my three “homes” (Peru, Puerto Rico, and the continental US), which is why after graduating from college I decided to expand my world and have since taken trips to over 15 countries. Now that I’m in graduate school I’m still balancing my love for science and my love for traveling, my ultimate goal is to learn more about the world both through science and through the unique experience that only traveling can provide.

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